Blueberry Tea Latte

Tea latte

There are no blueberries in Blueberry Tea. If that disappoints you, allow me to lift your spirits:

Blueberry Tea contains orange pekoe tea, Grand Marnier and amaretto (get it? Spirits?)

Feel better? I thought you might.

First things first, though. Let’s talk tea. Those who make tea and love tea will tell you the ritual is as important as the actual drink, and everyone makes their tea a little differently. My sister always makes hers by the pot because she adds milk and sugar to her mug before she adds the tea. I’m content to make mine by the cup, provided it can steep for at least seven minutes. I like a good, strong cup of tea. If that strength happens to come from several ounces of liquor, so be it.


Every once in a while, Norm and I drop the dog off at Norm’s parents’ house and go out for a nice dinner together. Obviously we couldn’t leave the dog at home by herself. She’d get lonely. So she goes to the babysitters and we take advantage of our time by ordering a full array of appetizers, entrees and “special coffees” to end the night. Norm usually opts for Spanish or Irish coffee, while I always ask for Blueberry Tea, whether it’s on the menu or not. Most bartenders know what I’m talking about. The rest Google it and serve a close approximation.

That works just fine for me. But sometimes, just sometimes, the morning after a night out I might need a little pick-me-up as well. And since Norm and I got a fancy espresso machine as a wedding gift, I really had no excuse not to try a Blueberry Tea Latte, did I? And now, neither do you (unless you don’t drink alcohol or are under the legal drinking age, in which case you probably could have stopped reading a while ago).


First off, make a pot of tea. Again, your tea-making ritual is up to you. I do it how my Irish grandmother taught me. Boil your water and warm the pot by running some hot water through it. Pour the hot water out and add two teabags (my sister only uses one – I think she may be adopted). Fill the pot with boiling water and cover it while it steeps. Grandma was very insistent on this point. Use a tea towel or get yourself a tea cozy and cover that teapot.


Next, grab a mug and add one ounce of Grand Marnier or orange liqueur and one ounce of amaretto. Traditional Blueberry Tea calls for a brandy snifter instead of a mug – but it gets so hotSo try a mug. Also, add a splash of vanilla. My parents bring me back real vanilla from Mexico every year and I highly recommend it.

Liqueurs and vanilla

Remember to froth some milk. I used our fancy espresso machine (after Googling how to do it), but they sell all sorts of fancy milk frothing instruments on the internet.

Add some tea to your mug and give it a stir. It will start to smell all fruity and delicious. At this point you’ll start to think you have to get this drink in you right now, but just wait one more second.

Pouring tea

Top the whole thing with some frothy milk, sip, and sigh. You’ll make it through the day after all.

Tea latte

Blueberry Tea Latte

  • 1 pot orange pekoe tea, or tea of your choice
  • 1 ounce orange-flavoured liqueur such as Grand Marnier
  • 1 ounce amaretto
  • Dash of vanilla
  • Steamed milk

Add Grand Marnier and amaretto to a mug and stir in vanilla. Fill mug almost to the top with tea. Top with steamed milk.

Alternately, you could add liqueurs and vanilla to the pot of tea and share it around if for some reason you find two ounces of liquor first thing in the morning to be a bit much. Up to you, I suppose…


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